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  It's hard to deny that buying motorcycle apparel and accessories online can be like playing Russian Roulette with only one empty chamber.

 While it's potentially possible to save yourself a great deal of money buying online, too often those savings are wiped out by expensive shipping fees encountered when you are forced to return an item simply because it doesn't fit.

 Our years in the business have taught us that the majority of online returns are simply due to improper size selection. We handle eight major lines of motorcycle clothing.  Sizes mean different things to different manufacturers. Just because someone purchases an XL jacket at their local department store a year ago that "fit fine", does not NECESSARILY mean an XL jacket purchased online is going to fit.  Even if it might match up with one manufacturer's sizes, it probably won't with another.

 Google just about any product these days and the first 3 or 4 things that pop up are a conglomeration of offers by a huge group of independent vendors on some GIANT ONLINE MARKET PLACE.  Are they reputable? Most are. Can you save a lot of money there? Absolutely...ASSUMING  YOU END UP ON THE RIGHT CHAMBER WHEN YOU PULL THE TRIGGER.  Considering there are tons of vendors, some knowledgeable, some not so much, the odds of a smooth transaction are becoming less likely each day. Add to that the possibility that you may not even be looking at the picture and data sheet of the vendor you think you are buying from. Worse yet you may end up on a page where the seller piggy-backs an authorized vendor, waits for an order and then goes and shops the item on other sites. But...what if the product page they piggy-backed had the wrong size chart? Now you REALLY have a mess on your hands. Simply put, the ONLINE GIANTS are great if you are lucky enough to land on the right page. But, always keep in mind that, in most cases, they are simply providing a platform to a group of independent sellers. Works great for books, cds and other products with no variables but sometimes not so great for clothing.

 Here at the International Biker Mall, we put a great deal of effort into providing our customers with the accurate information they need to make the right purchase. If there are questions, we encourage our customers to phone or email us BEFORE making a purchase. When they do, they are not passed on to some  isolated call center in another hemisphere where the "Technical Representative" has never been within 50 yards of a motorcycle let alone ridden one. Here you actually get to talk to someone with experience and knowledge of the product. They may not have all the answers but can pick up the phone, talk with the factory and get back to you, usually within minutes.

Our goal is to provide the best brands at the best prices with as close to ZERO returns as possible. We believe in hands on and personal customer service and are an Authorized Dealer of everything we sell here. Pick one of our brands, Google it and look at the 1st couple of pages that come up.  You'll see the International Biker Mall close to the top on most of them. Give us a try. If you follow simple instructions and take the time to communicate when questions arise, we're pretty confident that, like most of our customers, you'll discover it's a whole lot better than playing Russian Roulette.  You could save a lot of money in the process as well.


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